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We specialise in P20, H13, 420, D2+A1 tool steels and use the Laser & TIG welding process.

We are fully equipped for air, oil or water hardening, hot work, cold work or high speed steel; if they have been heat treated and require a particular hardness or have been annealed and require subsequent heat treatment.

Our Expertise

Our team of highly skilled welding engineers can show how we can repair the part for you with an indication of the cost.

We cover a vast range of engineering and welding work to reclaim and salvage over machined, worn, corroded or broken parts.


We have techniques for welding sharp edges with no weld undercut and to limit the heat affected zone after welding.


There are many reasons why breakage occurs and in the case of poor design or weak materials modifications can be made during the repair to ensure the problem does not re-occur.

Cylinder heads

Engine blocks 



Gearbox housings

Tappet and side covers 



Diff housings 

Crown wheel pinions 

Gear teeth 

Gear selectors 

Needle roller diameters 

Shaft build-ups 


Machine parts 

Spring Hangers 

Fork hoist forks 


Hard facing 

Hot & cold metal spray 

Special steels 

Tool and die welding

Extrusion screws & barrels refurbished 

Pressure piping 

General fabrications 


Heating exchangers 

Marine parts 

Here is a typical cross section of components on which repairs are under taken at regular intervals to reclaim and salvage over machined, worn, corroded, or broken parts.
Machine Part Welding specialise in a cross section of welding repairs, light fabrication and production including:


  • Cast iron and aluminium

  • Tool and die welding

  • Laser Welding

  • TIG welding

  • Metal spraying

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