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Our range of services

We have a wide range of skills and services, just choose from the list below to suit your specific needs

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

We have the capabilities to repair and fabricate most hydraulic cylinders which reduces time waiting for parts and gets your equipment back in operation quickly.

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Fabrication, production

Short run production welding of manufactured component

Made to your specific design, bring in your plans and we assess a cost effective process while advising on the most efficient method of production.

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Repairs and Restoration

99% of metal can be successfully welded, machined and shaped to function even better than brand new.


We’re experts in restoring and giving new life to worn and broken machine parts.

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Alloy and Mag Wheel Repairs

High quality repairs for all makes and models conforming to transport regulation requirements.

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Tool and Die Welding

We can repair and restore the integrity of the core metal structure of your damaged parts giving you the highest quality foundation to bring your tooling back to an ‘as new’ state and the required high standard and performance.

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Urgent repairs are our speciality – call us NOW to get your time-critical project under way.
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